Paper Signals are build-it-yourself objects that you control with your voice.

To get you started, we made some example signals. Try building one of these, or invent your own.

“Track Bitcoin.”

“Countdown to Halloween.”

“Track rain in Seattle.”

“Track the temperature in NYC.”

“Track NASA rocket launches.”

“Remind me when to take a break.”

Build a Paper Signal

Paper Signals are fun to make, and you
learn a lot along the way.

  1. Get the parts.

    You can find the parts we used here, or use similar parts you might already have lying around.

  2. Print the paper template.

    Print the template of the Paper Signal you’d like to make on a standard inkjet printer.

  3. Put it together.

    Cut it, score it, fold it, and put it together with the hardware parts.

  4. Control it with your voice.

    Use a phone with the Google Assistant (available on both Android and iOS devices) to start controlling your Paper Signal with your voice.


Here are instructions for building your first Paper Signal.

Build A Signal

Make your own custom signal

Have an idea for a Paper Signal that isn’t here? Get the open-source code and tweak the paper templates to create your own custom signal.

Get the code on GitHub